2016 CM Division Conference Paper Awards

The CM Division congratulates recipients of our conference paper awards


Best Empirical/Theoretical Paper

High SDO Individuals Display Moral Concern for Harm to High Status (but not Low Status) Targets

Brian Lucas and Nour Kteily

Best Student Paper

Shaking Hands while Trading Punches: Exploring the Paradox of Rival Cooperation

Jeffrey P. Thomas

New Directions

Sponsored by: International Association of Conflict Management and Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

The Big Bluff Theory: A Reconceptualization of Business Bluffing

Lutz Kaufmann and Jorg R. Rottenburger

Conflict in Context

Sponsored by: Emerald Publishing and International Journal of Conflict Management

Make or Break Alliances: A Process Model of Faultline Contagion and Alliance Instability

Martijn van der Kamp and Brian Tjemkes