About Us

About the Division

The Conflict Management (CM) Division within the Academy of Management is dedicated to supporting research, teaching and practice in the areas of conflict, power, and negotiation.

Domain Statement

Members of the Conflict Management division are interested in …

  • the nature and management of conflicts at the individual, group, organizational, interorganizational and societal level
  • power processes including influence, coalitions, coercion, deterrence, and persuasion
  • bargaining and negotiation
  • negotiator characteristics and behaviors
  • collaboration and competition
  • third party interventions (such as facilitation, arbitration, mediation)
  • distributive and procedural justice and dispute resolution procedures

Major topics include application of the above conceptual foci to a wide variety of contexts including

  • team interactions
  • intercultural relations
  • organizational diversity
  • labor relations
  • workplace disputes
  • community conflict
  • public policy development