Register today for the CM Doctoral Consortium!

Are you a doctoral student with interests related to conflict management?

The Conflict Management doctoral consortium at AOM 2019 is designed for students interested in thinking more deliberately about how to manage the final few years of their doctoral program.

We will focus on three main topics that are important for successfully completing a program and launching an academic career:

1) Thinking strategically about the dissertation process,

2) Planning purposefully about approaching the job market, and

3) Being deliberate about forming an academic identity.

The PDW will be run by a panel of faculty representing a mix of early, mid-career, and senior scholars who offer different perspectives on each of our three topics-with a particular focus on the area of conflict management. The format will include short presentations, Q&A, small group discussion, and a chance to share experiences. In previous years, these discussions have been useful to students in previewing and planning for important early career decisions.

Some spaces still remain! Students can register by emailing the PDW Chair Kristin Behfar ( In your email, please include 1-2 sentences about your research interests so we can pair you with the right panelists for small group discussion. Our panelists include:

Peter Belmi; U. of Virginia
Corinne Bendersky; U. of California, Los Angeles
Andrew Carton; U. of Pennsylvania
Randall S Peterson; London Business School
Debra L. Shapiro; U. of Maryland
Michael Gross; Colorado State U.