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Call for Papers: NCMR Special Issue on the Nexus of Negotiation Theory, Research, Teaching and Practice

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

Call for Papers

Special Issue on the Nexus of Negotiation Theory, Research, Teaching and Practice

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2017

Guest Editors:
Jennifer Parlamis, University of San Francisco
Noam Ebner, Creighton University

Negotiation is often described as both a science and an art. The science of negotiation was built over the course of more than fifty years of research emerging from such fields as social psychology, communications and management studies; the art of negotiation is present in practice where even the most robust and researched strategy or tactic may not always work as intended. As a result of this science-and-art hybrid, the negotiation field exists at the intersection of research, theory, practice and pedagogy. However, much of the writing links two or, at most, three of these areas together—such as research articles taking a theory-to-practice approach, or those suggesting new pedagogical approaches for skill-building or concept learning. In this special issue, we wish to broaden the scope of topics explored and encourage innovation in the negotiation field by exploring connections among all four areas. We invite submissions exploring the relationship between the art and science of negotiation through intentional examination of the intersection of theory, research, practice and pedagogy. We welcome empirical papers using novel (qualitative and quantitative) methodologies that offer innovative applications for teaching and practice, conceptual papers that inspire new research with an applied focus and implications for teaching, pedagogical papers that suggest teaching approaches that rely on negotiation research to improve practice, or papers originating in a focus on practice, which challenge accepted theory and develop new pedagogical or research methods. Every paper should incorporate negotiation theory, research, pedagogy and practice in fresh ways. The purpose of this special issue is to foster greater linkages among these four elements to broaden and enrich the field of negotiation.

Please submit your manuscript by March 1, 2017. Submit manuscripts online at: (click on the Special Issue submission link). When preparing your manuscript, carefully follow “author guidelines” at:

Provisional Timeline:

  • Manuscript Submissions Due: March 1st, 2017
  • Initial Decisions: April 30th, 2017
  • First Round Revisions Due: June 1st, 2017
  • Final Manuscript Due: July 15th, 2017

Please direct topic ideas and inquiries regarding this special issue on conceptual review articles to guest editors: Jennifer Parlamis ( & Noam Ebner (; or contact Michael Gross, NCMR Editor-in-Chief (

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