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CM Division Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected officers!

  • Jen Overbeck – PDW Chair-Elect
  • Julia Bear – Representative at Large
  • Rachel Campagna – Representative at Large
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Read testimonials from current CM members on why YOU should join the CM division!

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Latest Issue of NCMR in Press!

The May 2017 (Vol. 10, No. 2) issue of Negotiation and Conflict Management Research has been published.

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2016 Most Influential Article Award

Congratulations to Elizabeth Mannix (left), Randall Peterson (center), Kristin Behfar (right), & William Trochim (not pictured)!

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2016 Best Theoretical or Empirical Paper Award

Congratulations to Brian Lucas (left) and Nour Kteily (not pictured)! Also pictured is Mara Olekalns (right), presenter & 2016 CM division program chair.

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2016 Best Paper: Conflict in Context Award

Congratulations to Brian Tjemkes (left) and Martijn van der Kamp (right)! Also pictured is a representative from Emerald Publishing (center).

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2016 Best Paper: New Directions Award

Congratulations to Lutz Kaufmann & Jorg Rottenburger!

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2016 Best Student Paper Award

Congratulations to Jeffrey Thomas (left)! Also pictured is Mara Olekalns (right), presenter & 2016 CM division program chair.

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Matthew Cronin 2017 Conflict Management Division Chair

Matthew Cronin
Conflict Management Division Chair
George Mason University

Message from the Chair

In the Conflict Management Division we study conflict — you got a problem wit dat? (I’m kidding, and hoping you get the irony given the division.) Seriously though, we strive to be an inclusive and broad-minded division because conflict, negotiation, and power — the core aspects of our domain (see our domain statement) — tend to be pervasive in almost all areas of organizational and social life. And so we welcome members who are interested in understanding conflict, negotiation, and power in relation to a context or concept — such as top management teams, political institutions, fairness, creativity, or any of a host of organizational phenomena. We welcome them as much as we welcome members who might be interested in conflict, negotiation, and power as topics in and of themselves.

Want proof? I study creativity (primarily). The connection that brought me to the CM Division is that conflict happens when people try to create, and, interestingly, creativity seems key to effective negotiation. What I found when I joined was a group of thoughtful and interesting scholars who helped me hone my craft and my ideas and eventually became my friends. And so I stayed. Fast forward seventeen years, and I am honored to help the division carry on its mission and traditions.

It is the care and concern we have for our division and those in it that is our true mark of excellence. Don’t take my word for it — that is what our members said. Division and Interest Group Chair Maureen Ambrose highlighted this in her report on our 5-year review. The strengths she identified were:

  • Overall member satisfaction with the division, leadership, and program at AOM
  • Very strong member satisfaction with sense of community
  • High commitment to division

Indeed. But as we move into the future, we must continue to grow.

New initiatives

You spoke, and we heard you. In the same report just cited, it was suggested that we create more opportunities for our members to connect and be involved with the CM Division outside the AOM Conference. One way that I am going to try to make this happen is through Division Improvement Outreach. I want to harvest ideas from our members for how they think we should improve our division, and then use these common goals to connect people together. It is, in our parlance, win-win. Such endeavors will improve our division while giving people an opportunity means to get to know each other better outside the conference. I’m not sure, but I think I read somewhere that shared goals are effective tools for these kinds of aims.

I’ve already sent out a call and already gotten a number of people seeking to get involved. If you missed the call or now decide you might want to get involved, just send me an email at I’ll hook you up.

A final word of thanks

The gavel — apparently considered a weapon by the TSA unless you use the password “Judge Judy” — was passed to me by Mara Olekalns. I wish to thank her on behalf of the Division but also personally; I am indebted for all her guidance and wisdom over the years in the leadership track. I also appreciate all the work and commitment of the ongoing executive team: Peter Kim, Kate Bezrukova, Jana Raver, Anne-Sophie De Pauw, and Stephen Garcia.

We welcome into the fold Denise Loyd and Shimul Melwani, and we bid farewell to Alex Mislin and Molly Kern. We will hang on to Eric Neuman juuuuust a bit longer. Regrettably (for us but maybe not for him), we must say “hail and farewell” and release Michael Gross from our administrative clutches. I can only take comfort in the fact that what our Division leadership has lost, a division associated journal (Negotiation and Conflict Management Research) has gained.

Matt Cronin
Conflict Management Division Chair

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Mark your calendars -- the CM division social is almost upon us.  From Peter Kim, our division's Social Event Chair (and Division Chair-Elect!). I am pleased to announce that the CM Social at this year’s Academy of Management Meetings in Atlanta will be on Sunday,...

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