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Peter Kim, Conflict Management Division Chair (University of Southern California)


Message from the Chair

As a division of the Academy of Management, we are about to embark on a significant change. Over the next few months, the Academy of Management will be transitioning each division to a new online community called Connect@AOM. This is a significant undertaking that will make a big difference in how CM division members interact with one another, and it is a change that I think will be particularly beneficial to those interested in conflict management.

Like many of you, I have benefitted substantially from online forums, due to their ability to connect people with diverse knowledge and skillsets. With this in mind, I am particularly excited by the prospects of the CM Division having its own online forum to share (and establish a growing repository for) all the knowledge, skills, and insights our membership possesses. As CM researchers, we are tackling some of the most timely, pervasive, and difficult challenges of our time, and this has spurred many of us to leverage different empirical methods to investigate these problems. As CM educators, we frequently scan teaching databases for new cases that can better convey lessons from our field and have insights into which cases are more effective than others. As CM practitioners, we have developed and/or refined skills and techniques for negotiation and conflict management that can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and are thus highly valued by the public. Moreover, as a field that owes so much to a generation of CM scholars that are nearing retirement (if they have not done so already), we face the very real prospect of losing connections with some of the foundational members of our
community and the sage advice and mentorship they can provide.

Our soon to be established CMD online community can play a major role in addressing all these issues. The CM Executive Board has well recognized the need to improve communications from the standard one-way method of mass emails and website postings to a two-way method that can allow more meaningful member participation, and this is what the new Connect@AOM platform is intended to allow. This community will enable each CMD member to post questions, answers, opinions, and updates related to all CMD-related issues, including:

– Research topics and methods
– Teaching (e.g., new cases, case recommendations, debrief methods)
– Practice-related questions and solutions
– Mentorship and advice from more senior scholars
– Announcements (e.g., job postings, recent publications, honors and awards)

Naturally, any transition like this can have its hiccups. Thus, the rollout of Connect@AOM will take place gradually over the next few months across the various divisions, and (as of this writing) we have not yet received a definite date for CMD’s own transition to this online platform. Further, even when our date comes, the development of this online community by CMD members will take some time and contributions by CMD members to grow and flourish. Nevertheless, my hope is that we can use this transition as an opportunity to move beyond our antiquated list-serve system to nurture broader conversations within our division that help us better leverage what makes CMD so great, attract new members to our division, and shape the future direction of our field. Let’s get ready to embrace this transition and make the most of the new opportunities this online platform will afford.

A Note of Thanks
I would like to conclude by thanking the outgoing chair, Matt Cronin, for his leadership of the division as well as the other members progressing through the 5-year rotation in the CMD Executive Committee for their commitment and contributions: Kate Bezrukova, Jana Raver, and Jennifer Overbeck. Mara Olekalns has officially completed her 5-year rotation on the Executive Committee, so we will sorely miss her participation and guidance. We are also grateful for the exemplary service by our two out-going Reps-at- Large, Ann-Sophie De Pauw and Stephen Garcia. Shimul Melwani and Denise Loyd will transition to 2nd year Reps-at- Large, and we welcome Julia Bear and Rachel Campagna as 1st year Rep-at- Large members. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Lukas Neville who has taken up the mantle of managing CMD’s communications, previously as webmaster on the CMD website and eventually on the Connect@AOM platform. We have a great team assembled, and I look forward to working with them and engaging with all of you, as members of our CMD community, in the months to come.

Peter H. Kim
Conflict Management Division Chair

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