CM Program Highlights @ AOM

A sampling of what’s happening in Vancouver
with the Conflict Management Division
from Program Chair Matt Cronin


Main Program

Want to make sure you catch all the “chart topping” symposia? We have your schedule!


8:00 Interpersonal Influences of Emotions in the Workplace: New Directions in Theory and Research
9:45 You have a choice:

  • Then and Now: Organizational Justice, or
  • Cooperation in Groups: Psychological, Economic, and Biological Perspectives on Cooperation
3:00 Breaking Bad: Relational Recovery After Expectancy Violations
4:45 Again a choice:

  • New Insights into Forgiveness and Mercy: Antecedents, Outcomes, and the Role of Third Parties, or
  • (If you prefer the dark to the light…) Controlling the Demons Within: Managing Conflict Within Selves, Teams, and Organizations



9:45 Offender Morality in the Aftermath of Wrongdoing
1:15 Emotions and Leadership: How Leader Emotion Influences Followers



For a new and different take on some old negotiation staples, you can get a two-fer in the Revolution Calling session on Monday @ 4:45. Check out On the Strategic Use of Range Offers in Negotiations and Creative Agreements in Negotiation: When and Why Negotiators Redefine the Issues under Discussion.


Looking for Something Unique?

For something completely different and innovative, check out A Conceptual Model of Territory Management Among Groups in Organizations on Tuesday @ 9:45 or The Role of Worker-Priests in Industrial Relations: An Analysis of the French Case Monday @ 9:45.


Social Event

Don’t forget to come to our social! Sunday @ 6:30 at Butcher & Bullock (offsite).