Why Join

The Conflict Management Division of the Academy of Management is a great organization to join, learn, and connect with. Here are a few of our members who have shared why they joined CM.

“Join the CM Division to participate in a community of scholars who like to collaborate and don’t need to compete!”
Jeanne Brett

Tom Tripp

“CM is my favorite division because it has been easier to get involved in compared to the larger divisions. It is easier to make a mark here.”
Tom Tripp

Kate Bezrukova

“I’ve met lots of really cool people in the CM division since I’ve joined, and have benefited from intellectually stimulating discussions I wouldn’t have enjoyed anywhere else. I think it is a remarkable group even though much of my research is in areas other than conflict management.”
Kate Bezrukova

“The CM Division provides great community, stimulating conversations, and engaging experiences at conferences. I’m grateful to be a member.”
Derek Harmon

“The CM doctoral consortium for job market candidates was one of the best opportunities that I had as a PhD student. It provided great opportunity to meet people who are studying similar topics, but also, it was a wonderful source of advice and way to connect with people who had been through the job search process—a period of anxiety but also joy.”
Samir Nurmohamed

“The Conflict Management Division is a unique community of highly collaborative, engaging, ambitious, and fun people!”
Shirli Kopelman

The CM division was one of the first divisions I joined, and I’m very glad I did as it has provided me with an amazing network of peers and mentors!”
Emma Zhao

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